Resolution Funeral

This time of year it’s very common for people to make (and have already broken) resolutions about “diet and exercise” and “reducing stress.” By now, the New Year’s hype is fading, Valentine’s junk food is showing up in stores, and your bed feels so great in the morning that snoozing (just today) to skip the gym won’t matter. And those “healthy” meals? Ugh. No.More.Salad. What about your commitment to chill out and reduce your stress? Well, meditation is nice for gurus, but you’ve got bills to pay and kids to feed.

We absolutely get it.

“Diet and exercise” and “feeling like a failure” cause more STRESS, produce more anxiety, and create a sense of hopelessness during this time of year. Especially this time of year.

There is an alternative.

If making resolutions worked, you’d be thin, rich, and relaxed. If resolutions worked, you’d be living the life you want to live right now.
But it doesn’t work like that. Declarations of intentions and subsequent willpower to muscle through is not the same as collaborating with a team, understanding the intention behind a goal, working a proven method, and creating lasting change through habit formation. We are here to evolve, not re-solve over and over again.

So…what do you do?

First, we honor your resolutions and the message that they have brought forth. Resolutions come from a place of desiring change. And that is wonderful! But we move forward in a new way.

And so, in honor of your resolutions, Mike and I are hosting a funeral. A Resolution Funeral. Now don’t laugh, and please don’t be offended. A funeral ceremony is a sacred way to honor and grieve and make the conscious decision to celebrate life. It’s time to lay your resolutions to rest and create a platform for celebrating your life.

It’s time to say goodbye to unsustainable “goals” that are doomed to fail and keep you in the pattern of yo-yo health purgatory. It’s time to adjust your mindset from Resolution to Evolution. You are not meant to achieve a goal and then stay there. You are meant to learn and apply and adjust and grow. You are not meant to stay wounded. You are not meant to evolve and change and heal.

So please join us:
Sunday, February 10th 2-3:30
River Falls Public Library
This event if FREE

You’ll have a chance to meet us both. If you’re working with one of us, you’ll have the chance to meet the other. If you’re already working with us both, bring your family/friends/colleagues that you think would be a good match and we’ll greet them with open arms.

RSVP on Facebook, or drop us an email that you’re coming and how many you’re bringing.

We are excited to honor your resolutions and then teach you another way of doing this precious life. We will celebrate you! You will leave this celebration knowing you honored yourself, and with a little PEP in your step.

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