“I’m Open.”

As a holistic practitioner, part of my job is of course massage, but truly, more often than not, my gig involves being a translator of a language my clients actually already know. It is their own soul voice. That voice inside that speaks softly and espouses our simple and sometimes challenging truth. Yet it always feels like sweet relief when we listen. Likewise, our bodies have wisdom and guidance and those who are willing and curious (or honestly in enough pain) will slow down and access this system more and more. My work is then to teach them what their bodies are saying.

As I have shifted my practice to more and more intuitive work, my client base is exploding with those who come to session ready for change. Yesterday I had the privilege of working with a new client who is smart, capable, well-read, curious, and yet she needed encouragement to shift paths. And my God did she shift paths. We talked about the phrase, “Thy will be done.” In essence, it’s a total surrender of our ideas and controlling nature in order to allow the Divine/God/Our True Nature, to take us over and use us for the greatest purpose…Love Unfolding as us. It may not be on our timeline or in a way that our ever-pushy and irritated ego may prefer, but it truly is easier once you let go. The grip is strong, yet the Flow on the other side offers us refuge…if we risk it.

As the session progressed, she said the phrase, “I’m open. Do your thing.” This phrase rang out in the room as such a hip and current version of “Thy will be done.” And so the mantra has begun. Isn’t that awesome? I so dig this.

What is your body saying to you? Are you seeking control or Flow? Are you willing to let the Divine take over? Are you open?



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