Sincere Holiday Gratitude…

My Dear Clients,

As we wind down 2016, I have been in a reflective space. This time of year, the table is full of big emotions, high expectations, a feeling of being behind and so much excitement. As we navigate this holiday season, I wanted to share a few things with you:

First and foremost, I sincerely appreciate you. I do. I am acutely aware or your impact in my life. When you come to The Orange Door, you do so with curiosity, humility, and a true desire to connect. I love our time together. I thank you for sharing your lives, your stories, your pain. I am continually inspired by so many of you who live in worlds of equal parts joy and true pain. As I get older, better, my role in this practice is becoming clearer. I am a space holder and a caregiver for the caregivers. Thank you for being honest and for embracing healing on a comprehensive level.

Secondly, I want to encourage you to slow down for a second. This time of year can feel totally frenzied. I know I have been working through old patterns of holiday stress. I have felt like I’m running out of time and that Christmas will be here tomorrow and I won’t be ready. It’s the 3rd of December. Thank you retail stores for making this season 3 months long and tripping me out. Good grief. I no longer accept this. I don’t start until after Thanksgiving. And my tree will go up today thank you very much.

This year, I have simplified my holiday process to include my essentials: Christmas cards, a beautiful tree with nostalgic ornaments, ornament making, a holiday movie or two,  and spending time with my family. If the cookies get made, great. If the lights make it outside, okay. If not, oh well. I’m making my corner of the world more peaceful. And that matters.

My sincere wish for you this holiday season is to calm your pace, breathe (no seriously, take a breath) and know that you are not missing anything. All of the answers and gifts are within. There is nothing at a store that will make you more of you. You are a magic piece of the Divine and your life has significance and I am honored to share time and space with you. Be gentle with you kind soul.

So much peace,


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One thought on “Sincere Holiday Gratitude…

  1. JD Freking

    Thank you Heidi for your message. Blessings
    To you and yours as you strive for a peaceful
    Holiday Season.
    You are more centered than I ever was at your age and beyond. You have blessed my life with your talent & wisdom. I give thanks that I know you.

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