Love Harder

I’m so committed to Loving Harder.

I was barely an adult when 9/11 happened. I was living in Minneapolis and terrified. I remember the feeling of my perceived safety crumbling around me. I remember a feeling of complete helplessness. It was just the beginning of my awareness of the world at large feeling unstable. Violence is not new. War is as long as history. But 9/11 was my initiation to a violent world greeting me.

What is new is the immediacy of our access to information. What is new is that people have an immediate platform to spew whatever information, true or false, through social media and have an audience that will encourage them and agree with them. I’m no different. Though I feel a true sense of responsibility to be a light. Illuminate the good. Challenge the idea that just because things have always been done a certain way does not mean they must continue that way.

I feel intense grief when I think of my kids learning about the brutal way people have treated one another. And our planet for that matter. I also feel grateful that during their young lives, thus far they have been shielded from mass media. I want to prepare their hearts for compassion, justice, and a sense that we are connected. I want them to have tools to use when they learn about war, mass murder and atrocities that seem unreal. I want them to have a sense that they are responsible for their part in this world. They are responsible for how they treat our planet, animals, other humans. I want them to be vehemently put off by violence, by brutality. I want them to be committed to furthering the truth of LOVE.

Today, I want them to play in our yard and drink from the hose and be excited about popsicles.

I’m committed to LOVING harder. I’m committed to social justice. I’m committed to making sure my loved ones know they are loved.

In the wake of such horrific events like the mass shooting in Orlando, I also honor my process. I feel shocked. I feel pissed. I feel helpless. I continue my grieving…

And then I recommit to LOVE Harder. Each time an event like this happens, and it will continue to happen until we are brave enough, organized enough and enlightened enough to recognize we are all ONE, I will recommit to Love Harder. It will strengthen my resolve to use my light while I’m here. Love fiercely while I’m here. Work in my home and in my practice to spread love, compassion, TRUTH.

Friends, let each act of violence inspire 1000 acts of LOVE! Start today. Start now. Love Harder.


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