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Hello Heidi Dear. You seem like a zen mama. What’s your secret? LP

Oh boy. When you see me in session I am a zen version of myself usually. However, I am in a beautiful suite, there are breakables on low shelves, essential oils are in the air, and the music is enough to slow our pace. So…you see me in my zen place.

As a mom, I feel like I am still very much a student of the craft. I worry. I raise my voice. I feel weary at times. I wonder how I got so lucky. I feel irritated at the state of my house. I get “touched out” where I just need to be alone. I weep with the sweetness that encompass my children. Point being, I have absolute moments of zen, and I have moments where I have temper tantrums worthy of my 2 year-old. I have made more space in my life for both extremes, yet I shoot for somewhere in the middle.

My intention as a mom is this:

We all have a safe place to be. We celebrate our strengths, accept our challenges and are likewise challenged, and compromise is an art that we cultivate together. 

So my dear, my “secret” to zen is being radically accepting of myself in life and motherhood where zen seems to escape me.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mamas out there. Be gentle to your sweet selves.

And a note to remember that Mother’s Day can be a trigger day for many. Be kind.


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